6 Beautifully Sentimental Vintage Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is coming and if you’re looking for something thrifted, thoughtful, and affordable, Here are some ideas:

  1. A secondhand copy of a romantic novel or a cookbook with romantic recipes is a great place to start. Or even a vintage copy of your partners favourite book. My favourite novel is Frankenstein, which I know isn’t exactly romantic but if I was given a vintage copy I would be ecstatic.
  2. Beautiful jewellery is a classic Valentines present for a reason but vintage or antique jewellery is even more romantic, because buying vintage jewellery has the added value of being unique and far more sentimental than high street jewellery.
  3. Secondhand antiques or collectibles that have a romantic theme, like old postcards or vintage perfume bottles. Sometimes you can even find old love letters and romantic photographs in some vintage shops. Not only is this an affordable option it’s also incredibly sentimental. Literally I think I would cry if I got vintage love letters for valentines day.
  4. Look for secondhand art prints or paintings that have a romantic theme or that hold special meaning for the recipient. Maybe if your partner has a favourite painter or art period.
  5. Secondhand clothing or accessories with a romantic flair, such as a vintage dress or a scarf with a romantic print could be perfect. Or maybe your partner has their eye on something like these vintage loafers (i hope my husband is watching this)
  6. Games or puzzles: Look for secondhand board games or puzzles that can be enjoyed together as a couple. Maybe not monopoly though because then you might not make it to next Valentines Day.

Remember to check out secondhand stores, thrift stores, and online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy for these types of items. Check all those resale sites at once on lomasearch.com. Happy shopping!

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