10 Easy Thrifted Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s Spooky Season and we know you’ve got a costume party or two coming up. So how exactly do you pull off a head turning outfit without breaking the bank? Thrifting is your best answer. Here are some of the most iconic and fun costume ideas you can find at your local secondhand shop.

  1. Wednesday Addams. If you’re as excited for Netflix’s Wednesday, set to release next month, then this is the go-to costume for you. Wednesday’s look is simple yet recognisable. All you need to do is find a black dress with a peter pan collar. If you can’t find a dress, you can layer a white blouse underneath a black long-sleeved shirt and pair it with a knee-length skater skirt. You can then put on some powder to get her pale complexion, do some pigtail plaits, and call it a day! 
  2. Cher from Clueless. At the mention of this 90s coming-of-age film, the first thing that comes to mind is Cher’s iconic plaid ensemble. Just find a matching yellow plaid jacket and skirt! There are vintage stores that carry these kinds of items. You can wear a white tee and yellow cardigan underneath. But you’ll definitely be recognisable, especially in a crowd of millennials. 
  3. Bride. There are so many options to choose from when you want to dress up as a bride. You could wear a thrifted wedding dress with a pair of sneakers and be a runaway bride. You can paint yourself blue and be Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Or you could even play Cady from Mean Girls when she wanted to impress Aaron Samuels with her zombie bride outfit. There are so many options with a thrifted wedding dress!
  4. Carrie. If you’re okay with getting down and dirty, then this might be the best costume for you. Just pick out a silk slip dress that you don’t really care much about, drench yourself in fake blood, and pop a tiara on. If you’re okay with a little DIY then you can make yourself a sash that says prom queen and you are good to go! 
  5. Sandy from Grease. If you want to wear a costume but don’t look like you’re wearing one, then this is a great choice. Find some black skinny jeans or leggings, a black off-shoulder top, a black leather jacket, red high heels, and red lipstick. Curl your hair and pull out that cigarette. It’s simple, sexy, and iconic! 
  6. Freddie Mercury. We all hate retrogrades, so we can all agree that Freddie is the only Mercury we love. The tank top look he wore during his 1985 Live Aid performance was the most memorable look he’s known for. Just thrift for a white tank top, a pair of light denim jeans, and a studded belt with a matching armband. The studded belt and matching armband might be a little bit challenging to find. But you can get the light denim jeans and the tank top virtually anywhere. 
  7. Joel from Risky Business. Wearing this costume indeed is risky business. But it’s pretty easy to find these at your local secondhand store. You just need an oversized, button-up white shirt, white socks, white sneakers. Just your tidy whities and a pair of black sunglasses to complete the look. 
  8. Regina George from Mean Girls. Got a purple bra? Then you’ve already ticked off the hardest item that you need off the list. You’ll need a white tank top and a black skater skirt…and a pair of white scissors. Cut two holes on the white tank top leaving the purple bra exposed underneath. Then viola! You’re ready to make fetch happen. 
  9. Bob Ross. It’s time to paint the town red and you can do that by being Bob Ross for a night. You can find any light blue long-sleeved button down dress shirt anywhere! Pair that with some jeans and a brown belt and you’re almost good to go. To make your Bob Ross costume more recognisable, you gotta buy a curly haired wig. If you don’t have a beard, you can draw one on. Don’t forget to bring a painter’s palette and a paintbrush! 
  10. Britney Spears. Sure you could go with the Baby One More Time school girl look. But let’s make it a little bit more fun. When Britney performed “Slave 4 U” on the MTV VMAs in 2001, she shocked everyone when she came out with a boa constrictor draped across her shoulders. She wore that iconic green bra paired with some embellished denim shorts. For this look, it will be easier if you find a green bandeau top. You can opt to embellish the shorts or not. The most important thing is to bring a snake. Sure you can always go for the live boa if you can find one. But we’re sticking to a stuffed animal instead. 

These are just some of the looks that might bring some inspiration when you go thrifting before All Hallows Eve. You could always scour some secondhand shops. But if you want to find all the things mentioned without a hitch, then lomasearch.com is your best bet. It’s a guarantee that you’ll find great items at the best deals.

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