What is Secondhand September?

In 2019, Oxfam started Secondhand September, a sustainable style challenge that encourages people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and the planet. So how can you participate? 

Secondhand September 

We’ve heard of Movember and Dry January, but what month do we love the most? Let’s play some Earth, Wind, and Fire because it’s September! So what goes on in September and why do we love it so much? 

During the whole month of September, the campaign encourages people to buy only secondhand items for 30 days. When you post your secondhand haul, you can use the hashtags #SecondhandSeptember on your social media platforms. 

The challenge has since become an annual event with thousands of participants across the UK. The great thing about seeing other people buy secondhand is that it encourages others to do the same. This keeps many items in closets and homes rather than in landfills. 

How to take Secondhand September a step further…

The Secondhand September challenge mainly involves buying secondhand, but you can also participate in it in several different ways. So how can you do this? Here are some of the things you can do to take Secondhand September one step, or even two steps, further. 

  • Rent out your wardrobe. You can have a number of items in your wardrobe that friends or family might need. Does a friend need a dress to borrow? Do you have a denim jacket a sibling needs for a party? These alternatives could save them a lot of money and wardrobe space. 
  • Buy versatile items. When buying secondhand clothes, choose ones you can use on multiple occasions. You can pick a top that you could wear to a dinner party that you could also use for work. You can style a dress to make it match all of the accessories and shoes you already have. This can really extend your wardrobe so you wouldn’t have to buy more items.
  • Follow clothing care instructions. Living sustainably also means that you have to take care of your clothes to extend their lifespan. This is another way to slow down fast fashion. Care instructions might sometimes be the one thing people overlook when buying new items. But that little tag ensures that your favorite shirt or jacket won’t end up in the bin any time soon. 

Secondhand September may be just 30 days, but living sustainably is something you can definitely do for a lifetime. If you follow the tips above, then you’ll be able to help the planet more than once a year. 
Don’t know where to find great secondhand items? You can head over to lomasearch.com for a variety of items you can shop secondhand. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SecondhandSeptember!

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