Why Vintage Clothing Is The Best

Fast fashion is on the rise, but how can you slow it down or quickly stop it in its tracks? Why shopping vintage of course! 

Shopping vintage is totally awesome. But why do we love it so much and why do we think it’s the best? Here are some of the reasons why we love vintage and why you should too! 

It’s a sustainable way to shop 

You’d be surprised at how much the fashion industry contributes to the amount of pollution on a global scale. In fact, it’s the second largest polluter next to the oil industry. By buying something vintage, you’re effectively reducing the number of new materials and the carbon emissions of the production chain. 

Uniqueness is a guarantee 

Have you ever tried going to a party and having the same outfit as someone there? That’s a common problem when you buy off the high street or when you go with the trend. With vintage pieces, you’ll never have to worry about that ever again. 

You’re more likely to win the lottery than to buy two vintage outfits that are exactly alike. It’s not impossible, but it’s quite rare especially when that garment is decades old. 

You can express yourself more 

What better way to express yourself than through your clothes, right? You can take an old denim jacket and revamp it to your style by adding some pins like in the 80s. You can find styles unique to certain decades. Bell-bottoms, jazzercise clothes, bright jelly shoes, MC Hammer pants — name it! You’ll definitely tell people who you are through unique vintage pieces. 

The quality is amazing 

When an item is kept very well, then you’re assured that that piece will last you decades. Vintage clothes tend to be more durable compared to clothes now. Because of trends, fast fashion cuts down on quality making fabrics easy to break down and tear. But with vintage items, you’ll find that durability is the name of the game. 

It saves you money 

Buying secondhand or vintage is usually cheaper than buying off the high street. If you’re lucky, then you can even find stores or shops where you can haggle the price. Plus, if you shop for vintage items that are of great quality, then chances are they’ll last you a very long time. This cuts on costs since you won’t need a new jacket or boots any time soon. 

Vintage clothing stores also do not sell by the season. So if you’re looking for a sundress in the winter, then you’re most likely not going to pay more than 5 quid for that, my love! 

You can find items that aren’t in production anymore

Fast fashion relies heavily on what’s trendy. If you’re looking for certain period pieces or accessories of a particular decade, you’re never going to find it off the high street. No no! You’re more likely to find these items in a thrift store, secondhand shop, or vintage boutique. 

It’s exciting and satisfying 

The excitement of going to a vintage boutique or secondhand shop is quite different. You’ll never know what to expect when you go through a rack of vintage pieces. You might even find Narnia there! But all joke’s aside…If you know where to look, you can definitely find vintage pieces that have become trendy again, and for a much cheaper price than in high-end fashion stores. Now isn’t that satisfying?
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