6 Best Thrift Stores in London

There are so many places in London to buy secondhand and I bet that if you managed to go to all of them, a hundred more would have popped up by the time you finished. Here is a small list of my favourites.

Beyond Retro (Bethnal Green, Dalston, Soho)

Okay I know it’s kind of cheating to say “5 best thrift stores” and then start with one that has three locations but just go along with it okay? Beyond Retro is a cult favourite and has pretty much everything you could be looking for. The location in Bethnal Green, just a few minutes walk away from Brick Lane is an outlet store so it is the most affordable store on this list by far. I’ve personally found loads of amazing varsity tee’s, jeans, and shirts there all for less than £10. 

Vintage Market/Vintage Mecca (Brick Lane)

The Vintage Market on Brick Lane is so big it’s almost overwhelming. It covers three large warehouse style rooms underground, beneath a carpark, on Brick Lane. It has a huge range of stores and shops from records, punk theme stalls, Americana stalls, and even one dedicated entirely to vintage Burberry macs. 

Atika (Spitalfields Market)

Atika is the largest independent thrift store with two huge floors of goodies, located close to Spitalfields Market. As well as a comprehensive range of thrifted gems it also supports independent sells and local artists. 

Flashback Records (Islington, Shoreditch, Crouch End)

If you haven’t been to Flashback you’ve still probably seen people rocking their tote bags. When it comes to record collectors, Flashback is the go-to place for vintage and rare finds. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to get a start in record collecting or if you’re a long time vet. You can even access their entire catalog on their website! 

PICKNWEIGHT (Covent Garden)

I love a weigh and pay store, if you aren’t familiar with them then the concept is that instead of everything being individually priced, you pay for the item based on it’s weight. There are usually a few levels of cost per Kg and you can find some amazing bargains. I once found a pair of Dickies there and they were less than £20 and started my love affair with Dickies workwear. 

Skoob Books (Clerkenwell)

Skoob Books is one of those stores that you accidentally come across one day and then wonder how you lived without it. They have a gigantic collection of used books at amazing prices. It’s the perfect place for any book lover to lose a couple of hours browsing and day dreaming about your own perfect little library of vintage books. 

And there way have it, my favourite thrift stores in London. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And let me know if you have any more recommendations!

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