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Dr Martens has been a well-loved brand for many generations. What started out as popular working boots for older women in the late 40s has become a sought-after fashion item for just about any demographic nowadays. They have their own distinctive style versatile enough for various outfits. But buying a new pair of Dr Martens can retail for as much as £235. 

So how can you cut on costs but not on style? 

Buying secondhand Dr. Martens is the way to go! Why secondhand, you say? Well, the thing about Dr. Martens is they’re built to last. The quality of the workmanship and the materials could make a pair of boots last for 20 years (with good care, of course). So buying secondhand won’t be a problem especially when you get lucky with a pair that’s not worse for the wear. You might even find a vintage pair that you can’t find in stores anymore!

With a secondhand pair, you’re already assured of comfort because they’ve already been broken in. A new pair of Dr. Martens will hurt because it will take weeks or months to fully break them in. As long as they’re the right fit, then you don’t have to worry about sore ankles after a night out. Plus, purchasing a pre-loved or vintage pair of Dr. Martens is sustainable. It doesn’t contribute to fast fashion because it goes in your closet and not in the dump. 

But before you buy a pair of secondhand Dr. Martens, you’ll need to know what to do in case they’re not in tip top shape. Here are 3 things you should know before buying secondhand Dr. Martens 

Can Dr. Martens be repaired?

There are many ways to repair an old pair of Dr. Martens. Here are a couple of tips that will help you restore it to its former glory. 

  • For light feather scratches or cracks, you can use a strong conditioner that helps strengthen the fibers around the damaged area to prevent deeper cracks from developing. It could also buff away the small scratches for a cleaner look.
  • For deeper cracks that are harder to treat, you can apply leather crack filler to close the cracks and gaps. 
  • To restore its shine, you can use colouring and nourishing techniques and a high quality emulsion to leave the leather soft and pliable. 
  • To replace lost or damaged laces, you can check out for great choices at lower costs.  

Can Dr. Martens be resoled? 

A broken sole is rarely a problem for a Dr. Martens shoe because of its durability. But if you find yourself with a worn-out sole, then it’s time for some sole-searching. You can repair the  sole by adding half rubber protect soles under the shoe. Some cobblers offer these types of repairs while preserving the yellow stitching of the shoe. 

How do you clean a pair of Dr. Martens?

TO CLEAN: First, you’ll have to test the cleaner or soap on a small patch to make sure it’s safe to use. With a soft, dry brush or cloth, wipe the surface to get any debris or dirt off. Using the soap that you tested, brush the surface with a fine-bristled brush meant for leather. Wipe again with a soft cloth. 

TO POLISH: Test your leather conditioner on a small patch first. Once you know that it’s safe to use, smooth it all over the surface with a sponge. Make sure to cover all of the surfaces you want polished. Wipe off the excess product and let the leather dry completely overnight. If it still looks dry the next day, apply another coat of polish. 

TO PROTECT: Preventing cracks is the best way to keep your Dr. Martens good as new. Make sure to keep them away from direct heat or sunlight, avoid storing them in overly dry places, and invest in a good quality leather conditioner. This will extend the longevity of your prized Docs! 

If this article got you interested in buying secondhand Dr. Martens, you can check out for great quality at the best prices.  

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