What Does ‘Thrifted’ Mean?

Shopping for brand new? In this economy? Why not try thrifting for once? There’s no telling what you could find at a thrift store!  For all you thrifting virgins out there, eyes here. This is what you need to know and what you can find when you’re thrifting. 

What does ‘thrifted’ actually mean?

Thrifted items could be unused or pre-loved items that are in good or excellent condition. You can usually find these items at flea markets, garage sales…or whaddaya know? Thrift stores. Often, these items look close to brand new and come at discounted prices. 

There are tons of items you could thrift for. You could find a pair of Doc Martens that have never been used that the previous owner thought would be a waste to throw out. You could be lucky to find a dress that’s originally 50 quid sold at 15 quid just because the owner only used it once and didn’t find the need to use it again. 

Secondhand high street fashion can definitely be considered thrifted. You can find tops from Zara, H&M, and M&S that have been worn by their previous owners but are still of excellent quality. And if you’re lucky, you might even find that the tags are still on them. 

This could simply mean that the item was never worn or it was an impulse buy that someone didn’t actually care for. You’d be surprised how often you can find racks full of these items with tags still on at thrift shops. 

Is vintage considered ‘thrifted’? 

Not exactly. There is a difference between a vintage shop or boutique versus a thrift store. A vintage shop or boutique usually has curated goods. Basically, it’s a pre-selected collection of clothing from the 70s-2000s. You’ll have different areas for everything. You would have piles of vintage Levis, racks of sports jerseys and cheerleading outfits, and Hawaiian shirts that you would see tourists wearing on a cruise to the Bahamas. 

Since these are pre-selected collections, they also come at a price. The items may not have been found in the best condition which means that a lot of these vintage boutiques repair them prior to selling them. But the great thing about it is, you’d get value for your money because it takes a lot to take an old, musty, dress from someone’s attic and turn it back to a wearable piece of fashion.

Thrift shops are different from vintage shops because the items come at a much cheaper price for excellent quality. You could buy 3 pieces for the price of one at a vintage shop. But then again, if you want a piece that tells a story even at the cost of an arm or a leg then a vintage boutique is your best bet. 

Can you buy vintage items at thrift shops? 

Yes, you can find quality vintage items when you’re thifting. But since thrift stores are not curated like in a vintage boutique, you might have to dig through some items to find the style and size you’re looking for. 

But if you do find certain vintage items at thrift stores, it certainly isn’t highway robbery. One thing’s for sure, a thrift store isn’t called a thrift store for nothing. That vintage item will not be as expensive compared to when you buy it from a boutique. 

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